Fashion Week Recap

November 1, 2022

These fashion weeks were definitely something to remember. Everything was out of this world, from the amazing dresses to the stunning makeup. These fashion brands gave us everything we wanted and more!

Of course, our favorite part was all the different types of hairstyles that models had on the runway. It’s pretty crazy how a hairstyle can effortlessly pull together an entire look. Sure, clothes and makeup play a huge part, but the proper hair depending on the look will be the cherry on top on any runway. 

This year’s fashion weeks were all about embracing natural beauty. We saw a lot of undone, tousled hair on the runway as well as a lot of braids and ponytails. Elegant hairstyles never miss out, but many designers opted for more natural styles. 

The best part about natural hairstyles during fashion week is that people can easily recreate them! We’re going to share some of our favorite looks with a quick step-by-step on how to recreate them using some of our Runway Looks products.

Look 1: Pigtails

runway model fashion week recap blog image

Pigtails were a huge hit these fashion weeks, and a star designer who used them was Dior. A hairstyle everyone thought was childish has now been transformed into high fashion. Lucky for us, it’s easy to recreate!

You’ll need the Silkening Gloss and the Blowout Mousee from our Paris collection, as well as a hair brush and two hair ties. First, add a small amount of our Blowout mousse to ensure a frizz-less look. Then, add some silkening gloss to ensure your hair looks glowy. Section your hair using your hairbrush, and wrap your hair tie around each section until it is comfortably secure. 

Look 2: Teased

This teased, sort of messy look is one of our favorites! It’s fun yet sexy and really takes your whole look to another level. Here you can see two runway stars, Bella and Gigi Hadid, rocking the teased look during fashion week.

This hairstyle requires a lot of volume, and our New York collection offers you just that. For maximum volume, you can use our Candy Apple Shampoo and our Body Language Conditioner. These two products will keep your hair feeling weightless and healthy, without any added parabens.

Look 3: Side-Part

Model fashion week recap blog image

You might not be huge fans of this hairstyle, but we think it’s a classic! The side-part played a huge role in this year’s London fashion week and its popularity seems to be growing again. 

This hairstyle is super easy and brings your elegance to life. All you need is a comb! Once your hair is dry, find the side part that you’re comfortable with. Everyone has a different shaped face, so try out different sections until you find the piece you like. Then, part your hair in two with the side part and comb through each section, and voila!

For extra protection, if you also have color-treated hair, use our London Fog shampoo and Mad Fog conditioner from our London collection to protect color and add moisture. 

Look 4: Slicked Back

Slicked-back hair has been a huge trend lately as it can take you from the clean girl aesthetic to high fashion. This look fits all outfits, and it was the star of the show on many runways. 

Some great products to use when you want to slick back your hair are our Soothing Serum and Shake Things Up hairspray from our Milan collection. You’ll need these, a blowdryer, and a hairbrush to perfect the look. To towel dry hair, add some soothing serum and proceed to blow dry. Once your hair is dry, add in some hairspray and brush back your hair to achieve the slicked-back look. 

Look 5: Straight and Natural

runway model walking fashion week recap blog image

The last popular hairstyle we saw during fashion week was just straight, let-down hair. Wearing your hair like this acts as an accessory on its own, so we want to make sure it’s looking amazing!

Use our La Creme shampoo and our Creme de la Creme conditioner from our Paris collection for smooth, silky hair. If you need to use heat, use our Heat Shield Blocker from our Milan collection to protect your hair from any damage. With this easy hairstyle, you’ll look runway ready anywhere. 

Whether you’re on the catwalk or walking to work, our Runway Looks products can help you achieve dreamy, smooth, and glossy hair. With no parabens or sulfates, our products will have your hair looking healthy and happy. Check out our various collections and find the ones that are the best fit for you!

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